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Chris vessVOTE
Daily points: 2

DOB: 06 April, 1970
Astrological Sign: Aries
Tattoos: many
Gender: Male
Race: white
Nationality: United States
Current Country : United States
Current State: Florida
Current City: Melbourne
Place Of Employment: self employed
Eye Color: Blue
Eyes Size: Normal
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: White
Height: 5 - 6 Feet
Vehicle: none
Added Date: 04 October, 2012


I met this man in a store in 2005. We dated for a bit and he got in trouble and sent to jail. His friends told me he was a crackhead but i didnt believe them. I should have listened.i supported him with comesary money to the tune of 3 thousand dollars plus phone calls collect every day. He got out in 2008. I went every 3 months to visit and that was also 3 thousand.I picked him up and he asked me to move to his mothers with him so i gave away my home to family members and i spent ?another 3 thousand to take him to florida to see his kids. He left me in the hotel and spent the weekend with his wife and kids. I also gave him 5 hundred to take the kids shopping. He got clothes for himself.We went to tennessee to his mothers. We were there 3 days. We went to the bar and he wanted me to pick up some stranger to have a threesome.He is a pig and con man. He has women in different states sending him money. He sweet talks everyone and he will mount anybody.he does not care about anyone but himself.He borrowed alot of money from me and never paid me back.His wife wendy informed me that they used me to support him and found the whole thing funny.He had the nerve to call me a few months ago to see if i would come visit him and loan him 500.00 to pay his rent. I told him off and hung up on him. Dont be taken in by this man. He is an expert at this. Its a game to him and his wife so be warned gabby and casey. Hes no good. He treats all women the same and he meets them on face book.

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