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Brian KamVOTE
Daily points: 1

Gender: Male
Nationality: United States
Current Country : United States
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Added Date: 12 May, 2013


BRIAN KAM - FORT WORTH, TEXAS - LYING, CHEATING, MARRIED SCUM!!! His name is Danny Brian Kam! All women need to avoid this jerk off! He has a wife at home that he lies to and cheats on AND HURTS all the time! he lies to every woman he meets! He just wants to get some strange and he does not care who he gets it from! He just wants to screw and screw over every woman that he can! U cant believe one word he says, he lies about EVERYTHING! He scams women all the time! He finds women online and scams them into sending him naked pics! He is a porn addict! Do not send him pics or he will post them all over! He will use u and hurt u and he will not care. He thinks all women are ho’s! He always has several women going at the same time! He is not even good looking, he has gotten to be a real chunk lately, i dont know how he keeps finding women who will screw him, but he does! i can only think he is not very picky and they are all skanks like him! Do not let him fool u, he will just screw u for a while and leave u! AVOID HIM LIKE THE PLAGUE! HE IS A LOSER!!!

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JessiesGirl Says:
Why you standing up for this man Desi? Are you his new fool? I guess you still think he is some kind of wonderful. Hes not. Hes poison. I feel SORRY for his wife. But how stupid do you have to be to stay with a man like this? Cheaters cheat, its just what they do. They never change. Does that make them a horrible person? Yes it really does.
Dated: 16:48:00 - 05 June, 2013
Desi Says:
I do know him, and more importantly, I know his wife. He is not the terrible person this makes him out to be, and she is a perfectly lovely woman who does not deserve to have her family smeared across the internet in this manner. They have their own issues to work out, just like anyone else in this world, and they should have the privacy to do so. I don't know anyone who deserves to have their dirty laundry aired out in public like this, or for that matter, anyone whose private lives could withstand such scrutiny. This whole thing is petty and mean-spirited, and it makes me sad. For God's sake, everyone just leave them alone.
Dated: 16:39:17 - 17 May, 2013
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