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Larry Wroten
Daily points: 1

Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: United States
Current Country : United States
Current State: Maryland
Current City: Queen Anne
Added Date: 28 October, 2018


Larry is a "Pastor" who had an affair with Michelle Hill, whose son was enrolled in his Sunday School class. Jon, the husband discovered the affair and confronted Michelle while Larry hid in another room. Larry continues to practice ministry and has lied to church officials about the affair. I know all of this because I was witness in court for the divorce between Michelle and Jon. Even before Michelle was legaly divorced, I witnessed Larry and Michelle engaging in a relationship. Larry would stay at the family house with Michelle and Jon's 2 children. The children have been brainwashed into believing this behavior is acceptable for a church leader. The son has defended his mother, Michelle who has taught her children to lie and deceive people, including their own father as they knew of the affair while it was happening. In other words, everyone knew that Larry and Michelle were cheating on Jon but NO ONE told him. The ENTIRE family lives in a delusional state of mind where they feel deceiving God and His people is acceptable behavior of Christians.

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