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Joseph Lee Burchell
Daily points: 2

Alias Name: Chico Loco, Tommy
DOB: 16 Feburary, 1976
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Tattoos: Lizard on his right butt cheek, triangle near his nipple
Gender: Male
Race: Says he is half Cajun, half Hawaiian, but he is 100% caca!
Current Country : United States
Current State: Louisiana
Current City: Abita Springs
Place Of Employment: Street Corner, selling his ass!
School Attended: Drop out
Eye Color: Brown
Eyes Size: Normal
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: Brown
Height: 5 - 6 Feet
Vehicle: Last I knew it was a Ford focus
Vehicle make: Ford
Vehicle model: Focus
Vehicle color: Green
Added Date: 22 August, 2011


Joseph aka Tommy is quite simply a scam artist of the worst kind, one who completely draws you in, expecting complete loyalty and fidelity on your part, all the while he's doing anything and everything that moves, whether it wears a skirt or not, and then questions YOU when you finally get that sick, sinking feeling that something is very wrong with this man and you need to get as far away from him as possible. Oh yea, and that's AFTER he has taken you for every penny he can possibly squeeze out of you, and hopefully hasn't also left you pregnant (like the approximately 8 others he has done over this last 2 years, none of which he is supporting either emotionally or financially,,,seriously, I was as shocked as you!). And he has not just left you to go to work, he has left to be with someone else he is also scamming, where do you think the money for the harley, the jewelry, the numerous trips around the globe to abuse other unsuspecting women/men, has all come from. The man has not worked an honest job in his life, it has all been yours and my hard earned money he is laying around on. He has been arrested and deported from the phillipines for selling nude pictures over the internet, pictures which he has probably demanded from you also, as well as being a suspected pedophile. He will tell you he is half Cajun, half Hawaiian, however, the truth is not even close. He spends every waking hour working over his next victim over the internet, or texting all the other irons he has in the fire over his 3-4 cell phones, all at once. If you know this man then you know all of what I say here is simple truth, his favorite phrase for all us that have been freed of this so called man's grip, is "bitter", so when you hear that word, just know that you are now among the many of us who have returned from the dark side, and can now move on with our lives, as joseph so sweetly likes to tell you to do also.

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Dated: 08:46:16 - 12 September, 2019
Dated: 16:33:28 - 04 September, 2019
Really Says:
Dear Sir There is a famous saying that reads: "you eventually get tired of fake people with COWARD intentions, you struggle because your heart is pure and you don't understand why some people cannot be authentic!" I came to London last year, a broken woman from an attempted car hijacking and a pistol cocked to my head. I came to London to escape the abuse of an abusive fiancee and twenty years of abuse both verbally and physically from my father. Yes, I am a damaged woman. Yes I was lied to and manipulated by my fiancee, I was supporting, a man 17 years my senior. I left behind a mother who is embarrassed about my social status and fears what people gossip about in a small town. With all this abuse both physically and mentally, little did I dream that coming to London, I would meet a man, Lee Burchell, who would do just that to me. Repeat the process! Lies about marriage, about wanting children, about going to fertility clinic....and immaturely jokes that he has been "sterilized". I trusted you ("i will protect you, hahaha what a gas!) and I began to forsee a future with you....little did I know you were playing psycological mind jokes and laughing behind my back. Then came the demands of having oral sex with three fictious friends: Steve, Matt and Peter. Steve being Alison's ex husband and Matt being her ex boyfriend. The abuse started when Steve made arrangements on four occassions and dropped me without any form of an apology. You have no friends, because you cannot make friends! its a communication skill. Then relocating from Crawley four weeks of non relenting and pain staking negotiating what oral sex had to be performed with his friends and how much i should charge. I was in a vulnerable state, ecstatic to leave my drug and alcohol infested "friend" who did nothing but belittle me and undervalue me which I personally did not care. She is such a failure in life, a drop out from school with no class nor culture. The infamous invite to the "spa weekend" a night at the Holiday Inn and breakfast....come to South Africa and I will show you what a "spa is" weekend? hilarious not a sight of a massage table! but thanks anyhow for a night in a hotel (minus the Prosecco) and shared shower, very romantic of you! Then I come to Barnehurst, to a sulking man who vowed he would "never leave me on the street."....hahaha! I paid my own cab from Crawley to London 80 Pounds, to a man who barely welcomed me and could not offer me water to drink nor a meal. A cold ruthless, sulking man who sat playing games on tv like a delinquent without communication skills, I was apparently suppose to suck his dick, yet when i offered he said "not now". I phoned my friends in South Africa to hear about their new baby, their new beginings, with Lee eavesdropping in the hallway. He selfishly went out on Saturday night alone, off he went without a care in the world, as if a South African man would do this to a woman! Let me tell you something, you should express fake intentions with American woman who have never had :disrespectful past times" like yourself. I have overcome a lot in my life, including being hit as a child with a belt buckle in my eye! and an overdose of tablets at 21. I have never had children due to anxiety and being so hurt by men, little did I know my past was about to be repeated with you, had I known this I would have not met you. The grief, the tears, the anxiety attacks that you have put me through has brought the onslaught of shingles which I have never experienced in my life! I contacted Alison before leaving Crawley, as I wanted to know if i was going to be in safe hands? I read that I never lived with you.... then what the fuck were my bank statements and payslips getting posted to your house? "bullshit, you believe everything but the truth" remember these words cowboy? I questioned Alison about Matt, Steve, Peter and I realised the truth about you. I considered this a bit perverse too, especially using Alisons ex'es names. Then came your birthday and with the small pennies I was earning in Crawley,(and you saw how much i earned!) week by week I bought you oils, an oil burner, a book and i bought you shaving lotion I really tried to spoil you as best as I financially could, but it was not appreciated at all and I felt hurt and disappointed. Please do not think because I come from Africa, I am not educated. You discriminated against me when you have never travelled to South Africa. Your mind games regarding your "introvert" problems is a psycholgical game you play, and I have read from a blog online you have a habit of doing this. Asking me to get videos of me sucking someone else's dick....did the love of your life do this? did she? yet she got more respect than me. Let me tell you ALISON KNOWS MORE about your life than you actually realise. How about the suicide episode, doing more psychological damage not knowing how other people were worried sick with fear. I am told by a certain person you did the same to her. Then came the phony trip to "Texas" well not sure what to believe at this point, Janine certainly never believed it for one minute, I had my suspicions! Alison was a blessing to chat with, and "chicken soup for the soul" how dare you waste people's lives like you did with her and me, this is not the USA WHERE idiotic woman can handle jokes like that. I realised that in life, there really is a God in heaven watching over me. So thank you for the psychological trauma I experienced, I cannot begin to tell that this makes me an even more interesting person at dinner parties and sitting in the sauna at the gyms in London. One day I hope to write book about my experience with you. Today, is my birthday a new chapter, a new leaf to turn over and definately knowing that my career is slowly climbing the ladder without any financial backing, not even from you, I am proud to say. Thank you for allowing me to slave like in your kitchen cleaning away, not even been offered a drink nor a meal, shows you how much class you actually have!my gran would never treat a single human visiting her without this.....but then it all depends on your social upbringing! Since you cannot afford to even pay me for cleaning your filth, I understand money is tight paying off all monthly children maintenance. At one stage I really believed you had the ability to behave like a gentleman and treat me with respect and dignity, then I realised its not your upbringing. I realized why you cannot fit into the British or European culture, you simply lack culture and tradition. So goodbye, I have met many new friends at: in the sauna, at work (yes a new job in the city with potential to relocate to Australia or San Francisco, paying better-too bad you will no longer get my bank statements or payslips!), at Spitalfields market, at museums and classical music concerts. End of August in my own apartment in Blackheath, all proudly without your help! I intend to go for artificial insemination by the end of the year! and keep sucking dick as often as possible at my own rates! All I can say, is that I am not perfect, I get mad and angry within reason and I do not think I am the only woman like this. But deeply hurt and shockingly disappointed about how you have emotionally abused me. Off now nurse Betty, I have a life to start.
Dated: 12:56:34 - 17 August, 2019
I don't believe you Says:
Well, well, seems that Curious just may be the man (reference used lightly) himself. As the person outright you say.....duh! Is what I say to that. Bold face liar is what we're dealing with here. He'll never admit to any wrong doing don't be so dumb. Is it not pretty obvious that he has been having relations/relationships with the minimum of 3 women at once and I suspect there are more oblivious victims out there. And if you weren't dating so many all at once you'd know exactly who we all are wouldn't you?! But when there are so many to choose from it makes it difficult to pin down don't it smart Arse
Dated: 15:20:32 - 27 June, 2016
Just as a note to you both the date of birth given above for him is of course incorrect. But then Blind must already know this as she knows everything and Curious, well you have no need to know.....right?
Dated: 05:59:21 - 26 May, 2016
Just as a note to you both the date of birth given above for him is of course incorrect. But then Blind must already know this as she knows everything and Curious, well you have no need to know.....right?
Dated: 21:13:31 - 25 May, 2016
I don't believe you Says:
Just as a note to you both the date of birth given above for him is of course incorrect. But then Blind must already know this as she knows everything and Curious, well you have no need to know.....right?
Dated: 14:56:04 - 25 May, 2016
I don't believe you Says:
Not convinced that you know 'everything' about him......after all you didn't know he was seeing me. But you are clearly still involved with him and wanting to believe. Don't be fooled, ensure you remain eyes wide open and be smart. But just remember he may not be telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but. Manipulatiors are not always the sharpest tools in the box lol
Dated: 23:00:52 - 22 May, 2016
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