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George Hopper
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DOB: 01 January, 1960
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Tattoos: Loin head on right arm
Gender: Male
Race: White, says Cherokee Indian, whatever!
Nationality: United States
Current State: North Carolina
Place Of Employment: Handyman
Eye Color: Brown
Eyes Size: Normal
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Normal
Skin Color: White
Height: 6 - 7 Feet
Vehicle: Truck
Vehicle make: Ford
Vehicle model: F-150
Vehicle color: Black


This Man is MARRIED. He lies. He claims to have been separated for 6 years or longer. He says he is in need of borrowing whatever you can offer to get through a rough spot, but then fails to remember the loan, or tries to say you "gave" it to him. No one put a gun to your head, so you must have given it to him. He's good at his game. He preys upon women who are good God fearing women, and claims to be himself. He can quote the Bible to you, but does not seem to believe the commandments on adultery, stealing and covenanting apply to him. Beware of him, he charms with his charismatic personality. He is 6'1 about 220 pounds, maybe more or less. He has waist length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and missing a front tooth. He claims to be Cherokee Indian, was raised in Europe and did not come back to the states until his high school years. He is a convicted felon, per him and records that have been verified. He says he is a contractor or has a handyman service. Women sexually harass him when he is trying to work, so rarely is he able to finish a job due to the conditions the women put him under when he works. Could be a sociopath, or shows personality traits that mimic a sociopath. His wife knows that he cheats on her. She has talked to some of the women that he has cheated on. He has promised that his temper is very violent and she has verified this. He will contact you from a random IM on AOL, or Yahoo. Tell you that you are beautiful. Your eyes or smile have captured his attention, you are "pure beauty". He refers to himself as having a spirit of a wolf and will in time ask you to expose yourself to him if you have a cam. If you refuse he will act hurt and that you don't care for him. He tells you that the "wolf" is hungry and you need to feed it...he will tell you he loves you. He as done this without ever meeting women face to face. There are several women from AK, to NC where he was last known to be that have been taken for thousands of dollars. He may say he just left AK, but has been in the state of NC for over a year now. He goes by Randy Hopper

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Skittles123 Says:
Avenging Angel, aka George Randolph Hopper himself. Go to to see that he's still at it. He just thinks Shari Little is behind this. Sorry Randy, not her! Should take you awhile to figure it out since you've screwed so many women over and taken them to the cleaners! Your seriously sick!
Dated: 20:21:13 - 19 September, 2015
Avenging Angels Says:
These are all lies from a woman named Shari Little Hanson that lives in Concord, NC. He turned her down, refused to be with her and she has been on a tirade to destroy his marriage and his life. Take it down Shari or the same will happen to you
Dated: 16:39:48 - 28 May, 2013
Skittles123 Says:
To bad they don't have a show called "Biggest Loser" for men like this man. Run! Don't walk from this guy. Put it this way, if he treats his wife like dirt then how will he treat you? Don't be one of these stupid women who believes her love can change him. His character is etched in granite nothing will change him. He's premeditated in his actions against women he befriends online sex and obtaining money is ALL he has on his mind. Once the money is gone or you refuse to give him anymore he is gone and you are history. Wife claims to have left him. Yeah right.
Dated: 08:05:32 - 28 October, 2011
Skittles123 Says:
His birthday is wrong. It's 01/13/1959. This is a really old picture of him too. He no longer has long hair. He has normal length hair and a mustache/goatee. Add Iowa now to his list or women conquests.
Dated: 17:11:05 - 24 October, 2011
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