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Darren Ambler
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DOB: 30 April, 1978
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasion
Nationality: United States
Current Country : United States
Current State: New Jersey
Current City: Cherry Hill
Place Of Employment: Express Scripts
School Attended: PA College of Pharmacy
Eye Color: Blue
Eyes Size: Big
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: White
Height: 5 - 6 Feet
Vehicle: Honda
Vehicle make: SUV
Vehicle model: SUV
Vehicle color: Blue
Added Date: 19 Feburary, 2019


Darren Ambler the "Stupid" cheater is a Sex addict- Drug Abuser- Playboy-Prostitute that played around- Lied and gave at least 8 females STD's due to his careless sex practices and Sexual Addiction.   Darren is an exceptional liar- suffers from many Mental disorders including serious Drug addiction.   Darren Ambler has a filthy pornographic mind- no Morality- Zero Manners- His breath stinks and he is UGLY.  He looks like a "Planet of the Apes" reject with Glasses and Bugged out eyes.  On a scale from 1-10 Darren rates about a minus- 99.  Gross in every possible way.  

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Darren Ambler has conned and abused many females.  Uses women for sex and excitement.  Darren is a big dork who blames his sexual behaviors on everyone else but his UGLY self.  Darren ruined his own reputation and he is hated by many people.  Shock treatment probably would not help this Evil Demented Sex and Drug addict.  His favorite web site is Porn Darren Ambler is terrible in bed and has a pathetic organ that one can barely see even with magnifiction.  He has been EXPOSED for the immoral - lying- PIG that he really is.  Very sad that Darren Ambler has kids.  Darren Ambler is the most incompetent parent in the world.  His poor kids.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Darren Ambler thinks he got away with all is sexual behaviors and lies but he has gotten away with nothing.  Many former lovers including myself can attest to his Drug addiction- Abuse- Rape-Lies ugliness and his inability to perform in bed.  Darren is so full of disease his Internal organs are rotting away from inside out.  He is evil and possibly the DEVIL himself.  His breath releases Toxic Flammable gases that are harming the ozone layer.  The EPA is concerned about Ambler's harmful gaseous breath escaping everytime he opens his ugly mouth.  Darren Ambler is a bad human being just ask a few former Sex partners that he abused like Angela P. Natalie, Megan B. Brianna and the list goes on a mile long.

--------------------------------------------------------------------Darren Ambler is UGLY inside and out and has a vulgar mouth.  He belongs in the Gutter or Trailor Park.   "Trailor Park Trash" fits Darren exactly.  His face and body are also rejects.  He has no personality and he serves no purpose but to corrupt society's morals.  Most feel Darren is headed for an eternity of fire right where he and his ugly face belongs/:  Need I say more

----------------------------------------------------------This idiot lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill NJ.  Darren made a career of Lying- Prostutution- Drug abuse- Hooking- one night stands and selfishness.  He deserves for his organ to rot away day by day- Maybe a punishment from GOD.  BEWARE- Stary away from this UGLY- FOUL Predator!!  Call 911 if approached by this sex predator and drug addict.

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Stupid Cheater
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