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Darren Ambler
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Alias Name: "Eighth of an Inch"
DOB: 30 April, 1978
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Tattoos: none
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasion
Nationality: United States
Current Country : United States
Current State: New Jersey
Current City: Cherry Hill
Place Of Employment: Express Scripts
School Attended: PA College of Pharmacy
Eye Color: Blue
Eyes Size: Normal
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: White
Height: 5 - 6 Feet
Vehicle: Honda- SUV
Vehicle make: Honda
Vehicle model: SUV
Vehicle color: Dark Blue
Added Date: 25 June, 2019



Darren  Ambler as most of the world has known for some time is "Bad News"- "A Liar"- "Con-Man"- Male Prostitute-Sociopath- Abusive to women-Evil-Corrupt- and a Sex & drug Addict and a Pornography Addict:   Darren is Vulgar-Seflish and has no Class- Breeding- Moral Fiber and he is Ugly with Horrible Garbage Breath.    He has screwed probably 100-150 females over the past few years with no regret or remorse.  Darren Ambler has physically and verbally abused many former lovers publicly with frequency.  The ugly creep also impregnated at least 2 women and has infected 13 with Chylimidia- Herpes and Crabs:


Of Course, Darren Ambler will never admit wrong doing.  Which is part of his mental illness.  Darren lives in a Fantasy Land full of SEX- FANTASY- LIES- More Sex- Oral Sex and endless Pronography.  Darren enjoys filthy sex and degrading oral sex which includes anal sex- group sex- bondage- satanic rituals and other sick sexual perverted acts.  Darren Ambler led a "Double Life" for so very long.  However- the four eyed ape face was finally EXPOSED months ago.  Darren Ambler lives in his own "World".  He has no sense or ability to make rational and sensible decisions.  He is classless and was born witb no Conscience and No Wee-wee (aka Dingdong):  Darren stinks literally and he is Horrible in bed.  Darren also engaged in Prostitution where money was exchanged for services rendered.  He also screwed numerous women and men some were married- divorced- single- etc:  Darren Ambler has a seriosu SEX and Narcotic addiction and has no regard for the Law or Gods Law.  Darren will Burn in Hell with all the other Vile- Ugly- Disease ridden evil sinners for Eternity.


Darren Ambler was a Dork hsi whole life and NEVER attracted women.  His former wife could not stand him either and she "Took off" or "flew the coop"!  Darren Ambler has two kids that he should not have- he is vulgar-Immoral- Incompetent- a bad role model and his breath stinks.  Darren Ambler must have his kids removed from his care.  Hopefully- after my Child support hearing his kids will be placed in a safe environment far away from Darren "Demented" Ambler.  


Darren is Highly Toxic- Ugly and has a seriously damaged brain from drug abuse.  He has abused numerous women.  He impregnated at least two women- one aborted the baby for fear ot would have Darren's horrible looks and crazy mind.   I was beaten up and abused by Darren Amble rmany times.  He never had regret for how he treated others.  I had his child Daniel Ambler.  Darren refuses to acknowledge he has a boy.  Therefore- I had DNA testing done and it was Confirmed that Daniel Aaron Ambler is Darren Ambler's Biological son.


Darren is deranged and he can deny whatever he wishes.  The Proof lies in my Lawyer's Files and it will be presented in court soon.    As long as paternity is proven and the father has income and erning potential then Child support will be granted.  Darren better get the checks ready baby!  If Darren refuses to pay then they will go after him to get the money owed to Danny.   It takes two to tango.  Some of these dead-beats like Darren Ambler like to Tango and then Take Off!!     My Danny will have the BEST!   


If Darren Ambler is going to continue to Screw anything that moves he best be more careful or else he may find out he has numerous Illegitimate children.  Darren is Careless and Naive about everything.  The games are done.  Time for Horse Face Darren Ambler to pay up!


My Lawyer will present evidence at my hearing that will prove Darren has no Morals and no Conscience and that he is a Drug and Sexual addict addicted to Pornography and Dirty Ranchy SEX.  He is unfit and should not have children.  I do not want Danny having any contact with Darren.  Just give us the money and F****k off!  The Judge will also remove Darren's kids after he or she hears proof of sex addiction- drug -booze abuse foul language and irresponsibility.     Darren is  a prostitute and Prostitutes make bad parents.  Darren Ambler's secret life is no longer a secret.  Even Authorities are aware about Darren Ambler.


Danny will have the best schools- Food- Clothing- Medical care etc.  Any single mothers out there that think Darren may be their child's Daddy please come forward:  Nothing to be afraid of.  Make Four eyes pay up for his mistake.  Be careful- he is infected with Herpes and God knows what else.  At least 13 females have been infected by Gross-Smelly Darren Ambler.     Darren is evil and he corrupts society and he spreads his infectious venum.     Darren must be REMOVED fron norml society for good.  But only after we receive our Child support payments each month:

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