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Darren Ambler
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Alias Name: 'Busted Balloon
DOB: 30 April, 1978
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasion
Nationality: United States
Current Country : United States
Current State: New Jersey
Current City: Cherry Hill
Place Of Employment: Express Script/ Aetna
Eye Color: Blue
Eyes Size: Small
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: White
Height: 5 - 6 Feet
Vehicle: Honda- SUV 2017
Vehicle make: Honda
Vehicle model: SUV
Vehicle color: Dark Blue
Added Date: 19 August, 2019


Talk about stupid--Darren Ambler is a complete Idiot and a stupid "FOOL".  At age 41 it is about time this "GEEK" acted like a responsible adult and seek Mental Help (including therapy- hospitalization and potent anti-psychotic drugs).  Serving some JAIL time would not hurt the Law breaker either.   In case Darren is not aware "Prostitution and Solicitation" is a CRIME.


I was used lied to- abused- beaten and used as a dirty SEX toy for many months by Darren Ambler.  I was not fully aware at the time that Darren was "Banging" several other women at the same time he was with me.  I did hear about "Prostitution" in which he was involved by I was unaware about the multiple Partners" angle.


Darren Ambler is GROSS and an IMMORAL MENACE to society.  His Physical appearance is enough to make a person violently sick.  His inner being is even worse.  Darren is absolutely ROTTEN inside and out- Probably EVIL in many ways.  Not an ounce of Class- Manners- Poise- Morality- ZERO Personality--Horrible BREATH----a NOTHING BODY---and he is "AWFUL" in the sack--very insecure.




 I  was Used, Abused, Sexually Tortured and Threatened for months by Darren Ambler. I was unaware at the time that Darren was a scheming No Good Sex Addict that was simply using me as another “Play Toy”. I did know he was a drug addict. I must admit we got high together numerous times. Some times Darren Ambler forced the drugs upon me prior to SEX. This was so he could gain control over me Totally.- It is about time this scum Face reality about what he is and what he owes others like his illegitimate children. Darren Ambler is nothing more than an No Good Street Prostitute with a less than adequate Penis- and no personality.


Darren Ambler is an Abusive- No Class- Ugly Sexual Deviant who made a career of Screwing- Engaging in Pornographic SEX, Sleeping with Multiple partners and spreading his dirty Infections and diseases. Now when I think about him and that face and the abuse i endured I get sick to my stomach. By the way Darren is a complete “ZERO” in the bedroom. Just a bad person inside and out.


Now I am left with a little girl Katelyn to raise on my own. I plan to pursue child support. I am waiting for Katelyn’s DNA results. I learned where Darren Ambler may have impregnated up to foru women due to his “Outrageous Sex addiction” and Plain “Stupidity”! Well the DNA will tell the story.


Mr Ambler may go broke just paying child support. Ladies- stay away from this idiot sexual freak. He is no good- has zero morals- no manners- he looks like a demented monkey and he is evil. His breath and body stinks too. His poor kids! getting stuck with a sex and drug pusher for a father. Hopefully- when Child support case comes to be heard the Judge will remove the kids from Darren Ambler’s custody.


Darren Ambler is certainly the worst example of what a parent should be.  It is frightening to know your daddy is a serious sexual addict/ Predator-Habitual Liar- a Male Hooker/ Bi Sexual - a heavy drug taker - a pervert and and Immoral Pornograpjy addict.  Thank God my Katelyn will never have to see him.  But Darren will pay support for this little girl that he fathered.  I will see to that for sure.   What kind of person has sex with half the women in NJ- Pennsylvania- and other surrounding States.   


I learned from another source that Darren Ambler is known to travel in upwards of 500 miles in one weekend just for a Hook Up- and some very filthy Vulgar SEX.   I guess Darren feels by traveling a distance he can keep his SEXUAL Liasions a secret.  Which is stupid because his Secrets have been EXPOSED and everything about Darren Ambler and his sick fetishes- Immorality- Treatment of women and other odd behaviors are known to the world at this point.  Just type his name in a Google- Yahoo- or AOL Search box.  What a reputation Darren has made for himself and it is all his own DOING!!  All his FAULT!  No one else's.


Darren lives a lie and h is a liar. I feel the revelations concerning Illegitimate children, unfit parenting, prostitution and pornography will convince any judge this guy is deranged- sick and definitely unfit:


Heard this sicko is also responsible for at least 2 aborted babies. What an immoral piece of scum. An UGLY one at that. The drug addict and sex fene lives at 12 Westbury Dr in Cherry Hill- NJ: Remember he will screw anyone and his breath is a real killer. Zero personality also………..Totally Gross. All i want is financial support for my Katelyn.

Darren will get his in the end--no bad  & Immoral & Sick actions go unpunished.  Darren is a PIG Period!

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