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Darren Ambler
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Alias Name: "Quarter of an Inch"
DOB: 30 April, 1978
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasion
Nationality: United States
Current Country : United States
Current State: New Jersey
Current City: Cherry Hill
Place Of Employment: Express Script/Cigna
School Attended: Pennsylvania College of Pharmacy
Eye Color: Blue
Eyes Size: Normal
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: White
Height: 5 - 6 Feet
Vehicle: Honda SUV
Vehicle make: Honda
Vehicle model: na
Vehicle color: Blue
Added Date: 14 December, 2019


DARREN  AMBLER  aka....DARREN SCOTT AMBLER...aka  "Busted Balloon..aka.."Demented Darren".."Quarter of an inch".  Darren is a mentally deranged PROSTITUTE, SEX and DRUG Addict.   Darren has had sex with probably 100 or more women over the past few years.  He is a Pathological Liar, Sex Addict and Drug abuser.  He will screw anything that moves.  Darren Ambler was Physically and mentally abusive to his former SEX partners.  He had a double life until he was revealed for what he really is. Darren Ambler has two children that should be removed from his care before he does somethign sick and sexual to them also.  Mr. Ambler belongs in a Mental Hospital followed by JAIL.  Drug abuse & Distribution and PROSTITUTION is against the LAW.  Mr. Ambler lives at 12 (Twelve) Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill, NJ:  Previous Darren Ambler lived in Burlington County NJ:   The Idiot moved to Cherry Hill in 2017.


Darren Ambler is an Active SEXUAL DEVIANT PREDATOR,  He is not a nice guy he is a Vulgar low life LOSER with a Filthy mind and his intentions are immoral..  He does not have a truthful bone in his GROSS 140 pound scrawny BODY.  He is Low self esteem and ZERO  Personality.  He cares about no one but his UGLY SELF and of course SEX.  Darren has no Self respect and has no respect for any one else.  PROTECT yourself and do not have SEX with Mr Ambler.  He is insane, high and full of disgusting life threatening Infections.  A Freak of nature.  He has Illegitimate children and is responsible for at least 3 abortions.  The abortions are because the females that UGLY impregnated did not wish to give birth to a freak child.  Darren Ambler is an UGLY FREAK.  No one would argue that fact.


Darren Ambler forced sex upon myself, he beat me and left me screaming for help.  He infected me and at least 28 other women with STD's.  Herpes is non curable and Darren Ambler is infected with Herpes and other sexual diseases.  Darren beat and raped Megan Bentzley, Mindy Murray, Natalie Becerra and many others.   Darren Ambler has bi sexual tendencies.  He enjoyed an abusive threesome with Angie Parsons, George her husband and a male neighbor.   Darren liked guys with ample assets because Darren Ambler was defficient in that area.  Needs enlargement surgery and plastic surgery on that Homely face.  Darren  tried to force sex upon  a minor after his "Threesome" with  Ms Parsons and he was rejeced.  Mr. Ambler is quite "unattractive" and turns most females OFF.   Darren is GROSS with NO  CLASS, BREEDING, MANNERS, MORALS, SCRUPLES AND HIS BREATH STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN.  Darren has  a vulgar mouth and is also a Pornography addict.  Darren is a Pharmacist which is a bad profession for a DRUG addict and SEX Fened.  Darren loves BONDAGE, THREESOMES, GROUP SEX AND PLENTY OF PORNO.  Darren Ambler enjoyed Prostitutes, Madam's, married women, divorced women, Grandmothers and Teenagers.  He would screw anyone out of desperation.


Darren Ambler should be STRIPPED of his Pharmacy License due to his serious DRUG addiction and Pushing.  Who knows what DRUGS Darren Ambler may have access to while at work.  His last employer was EXPRESS SCRIPTS in New Jersey.  Darren is a Liar and would steal anything that was not nailed down.  Very distrustful and a sneaky liar.  Darren belongs in a MENTAL HOSPITAL FOLLOWED BY JAIL.   A REAL SOCIOPATH AND SCREWED UP DRUG ADDICT.   HE HAS BRAIN DAMAGE FROM YEARS OF DRUG ABUSE AND SEX INFECTIONS.    UNTREATED SEX INFECTIONS CAN ALSO DESTROY BRAIN CELLS.  DRUGS AND INFECTION HAVE EATEN AWAY WHAT LITTLE BRAIN DARREN AMBLER HAD LEFT.  A LOSER AND TOTAL IDIOT.  AN UNATTRACTIVE ONE AT THAT.   Mr Ambler is also a STALKER and VULGAR Mouthed idiot with ZERO Class, Morality or Self respect.  He has low self esteem and feels very inferior especially when nude for very good reason.  CALL POLICE if he solicits you, attempts rape or stalks you on line or in person.   He is a known dating site and SEX site abuser.  Obsessed with the Internet and Male and Female Hookers   just like himself.  He is fascinated with men who has large organs because Darren never had one.

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